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Praise of Darren's Work

I was both delighted and flattered that you had written Scene No.1 for me.  It is full of beautiful lyricism, colourful nuance and atmosphere and is a very accessible, playable piece.  Thanks for this thoughtful addition to our repertoire!


Tim Morrison - Trumpet Artist



Bravissimo! for that beautiful music, romantic and nice for the trumpet repertoire.  I’m happy to be in touch with your talent.


Guy Touvron – Trumpet Artist



Lied and Elegy for cello are both very attractive and eminently playable!


Steven Isserlis – Cellist



Darren Fellows’ music presents a considerable challenge to the player, whilst being accessible to the listener. Thank you Darren, for writing such a splendid Trumpet Sonata!


Dean Wright – Principal Trumpet, Welsh National Opera



Fanfare, Cantabile & Allegro is fun to play and well written for the trumpet.


Bella Tromba – Trumpet Quartet



Darren Fellows' solo trumpet music is very melodic, wonderfully playable and most enjoyable.


Allen Vizzutti – Trumpet Artist



A moment in time - reflective & soul-seeking music! Thank you Darren for so capturing this moment.


R. Cook - Listener of Un Matin



These are more than studies – they are musical miniatures that will tickle your tongue, boost your breathing, and enliven your lip…… Darren Fellows gives us four times seven: 28 in total, a cornucopia of trumpeting delight.


In short, there is something for every developing player in the pages of this study book – the metric complexity of contemporary music is threaded throughout - and after you have absorbed these studies, you will certainly be pulsing silently in your body and your brain with the tactus of the music –which makes it so much easier to play with other people once you get out of the safety of your own practice room. I played them right from the beginning to the end. It is a very satisfying progression, and when you land on the summit, you have the satisfaction of being quietly boisterous, enjoying the knockabout of the Badinerie and Scherzo.


These studies are a welcome new essential for the developing player.


John Wallace – Trumpet Soloist and Principal of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.



Darren Fellows has put together a collection of musical studies that inspire a musical curiosity as well as provide a technical challenge. The studies in this book cover a vast range of conceptual styles and is put together in a cohesive and intelligent manner making it a "must have" in every trumpet player's library. It's definitely a noteworthy addition to the repertoire of trumpet studies!


Tim Morrison – Trumpet Artist



New Studies for trumpet by Darren Fellows is a great guide to become a fine player.

The book contains all the important routines of a trumpeter player´s daily work out, like warming up, buzzing, lip flexibilities and tonguing, as well as technically and musically challenging etudes, which are fun to play and will help you raise the bar.

I recommend this book to everyone who wants a full scale trumpet work out in only one book, it´s all in here!


Thomas Gansch – Trumpet Player, Mnozil Brass


I just listened to it (Through the Woods), it is absolutely beautiful.  I can't wait to see it with the film. Thank you so much Darren, you are a magician!!!!!

Katja Stiller – Film Maker

Fellows' 'New Studies for Trumpet' is a great addition to the contemporary trumpeter's repertoire. Without excessively taxing raw facility/stamina, each étude presents a creative and musically satisfying opportunity to tackle a different set of challenges, whether it's specific intervals, odd/shifting meters, a particular style, etc. Highly recommended for students and pros!


Rex Richardson – International jazz & classical Yamaha trumpet artist

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